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Older Puppy-Dog Program 


In response to the increased number of requests for older puppies and dogs we decided to incorporate an older puppy and dog program into our breeding program.   The guidelines and prices below pertain to the puppies that are in the older puppy program only. 

 Deposits currently accepted on a puppy of your choice from one of our up-coming planned litters or on a puppy currently available.  The puppy purchase agreement will differ in the amount of deposit required to hold a regular puppy for the older puppy program due to the amount of work and time involved.  The regular puppy purchase Guarantee-Contract will be the same as the baby puppy purchase Guarantee-Contract.   Older puppy deposits and purchases are non-refundable but may be transferred to another available puppy or litter if necessary, as long as it is done following the guideline in our Guarantee-Contract.   In the event puppy deposits are forfeited, we will attempt to place the puppy into another loving pet home as soon as possible.  We have priced the puppy plans according to the time, work, and effort we will have in raising the older puppy and in maintaining and improving our facilities to accommodate the older puppy program.  

Puppies will come crate, leash, and collar trained. We cannot make absolute guarantees beyond our facilities but our older puppy program supports home potty training transitions. Actual home potty training differs per new owner and must remain the new owner's responsibility in accordance with personal lifestyles, etc.  Training beyond basic crate, leash, and collar is the new owner's responsibility and is to be done once the new owner takes possession of the puppy.  Most pet owners enjoy and take great pride in training their own puppies in basic training like sit, stay, roll over, high five etc etc.  New Owners should expect that their new older puppy may need some adjustment time when transitioning from our facility to their new environment/home. Some puppy-dogs may need more adjustment time than others.  Just as human children do when entering day care or public school for the first time etc.   This is normal.  Love, patience, and consistency will be needed.  

Older puppy price will vary according to litter and initial "Baby Puppy Purchase Price".

Initial Puppy Pet Price:

Approved Breeder Prices: Expect to add $2,000.00 to $4,000.00 more for puppies kept in the program 7 months or more in accordance with initial Breeder price baby puppy ($3,500.00) Guarantee/Contract.

Plan A.  Initial Puppy Prices $1,250.00 through $1,500.00 (add 6% Kentucky Tax)..

Because of the length of time requested to keep a puppy; the requested deposit amount is necessary to ensure compliance with the reservation request.  Deposit Is Half The Cost As Outlined Below.  Deposits are applied to total cost of puppy.  Balance is due at pick-up or prior to shipping.  Deposits ensure that the new  owner will complete the agreement and the puppy will have a good home.  

                    Pet Prices
Plan A.  Initial Puppy Prices $1,250.00 through $1,600.00 (add 6% Kentucky Tax).

4-6 Months $2,500.00  ($1,250.00 Deposit)
7-8 Months $3,500.00  ($1,750.00 Deposit)
8-12 Months $4,500.00 ($2,250.00 Deposit)

Plan B.  Initial Puppy Prices $1,700.00 through $2,500.00 (add 6% Kentucky Tax).

Deposit Is Half The Cost As Outlined Below
                     Pet Prices
4-6 Months $3,500.00  ($1,750.00 Deposit)
7-8 Months $4,500.00  ($2,250.00 Deposit)
9-12 Months $5.500.00  ($2,750.00 Deposit)

New Owners will be responsible for paying for their puppy's vaccinations and microchipping beyond the first vaccinations.  Microchipping may be done before or after the puppy goes home.   Food and boarding costs are included in the cost of the puppy during the participation in the Older Puppy Program. New owners are responsible for pick-up; or all shipping costs (ground shipping through reputable companies only), airline ticket, airline approved crate, State Licensed Veterinarian Airline Health Certificate.  Puppy balance must be paid in full prior to release of puppy.

25" Withers/58 lbs.
"Honey Bunch"
Born November 22, 2013
4 Years Old
Pet Only Price $1,200.00
With Spay Agreement
Has had one litter of 9 puppies and was a great mommy!
AKC Standard Poodle Available
F2B Goldendoodle Available

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We currently have several older puppy-dogs to choose from!
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Up Dated 01-27-2018
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A Jelena & Moon Puppy
Born April 03, 2016

Pet Price:  $1,500.00
Big Beautiful Boy.  Gentle and calm puppy-dog!
Loving Pet-Home With Full Breeding Rights:  $4,500.00
Imported Championship Lines;  Excel In In Both Field and Show!!!
Excellent Hip Ratings On both sides of Pedigrees!
"Make It A Loving Valentine's Day"
Born May 17, 2017
F1 English Goldendoodle

Male, ID Name:  Sparrow
Available:  $1,800.00

High Qulity Puppy with a very nice and 
sweet out going loving temperament and disposition!
Born May 17, 2017

Male, ID Name:  Hawk
Available:  $1,250.00

Hawk is a bit shy and will need a loving knowlegable hand to assist him in the bonding/adjustment processs.  
Born May 07, 2017

ID Name:  Captain
Available:  $2,000.00
Breeder:  $5,300.00

Captain is a very nice dog with a confident and loving disposition.  He has nice structure and presence.  He has a beautiful vibrant, mostly white coat with warm  chocolate markings.
Born May 07, 2017

ID Name:  Lucky
Avaiable:  $2,000.00
Breeder:  $5,300.00

Lucky is a gentle dog with a confident and loving disposition.  He has nice structure and beautiful warm chocolate and white parti color coat.  Interesting markings make him stand out!
Two Male
F2B Goldendoodle 
Brothers can be sold as a pair or separately
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